14 Blog Post Ideas for Personal Fashion Stylists

Are you a personal fashion stylist looking for some blog post ideas and inspiration?

You might have read somewhere that frequent blogging is a good way to attract potential clients to your business website. That’s very true, it is, but the trouble comes in knowing just what to blog about that will attract the right prospects.

After all, it’s pointless getting tons of visitors if none convert into clients.

So what should you blog about to interest your target audience?

To help you out, I’ve created 14 great blog post idea templates for you to include in your blogging editorial calendar. Each one can be modified and adapted to suit your particular styling business, your location and your unique target market. What’s more, they can be used over and over again for different subject matters.

Now when you sit down to blog you’ll be as inspired and creative as you are when with your styling clients.

I’ve even given you a blog post example to go with each blog post idea. Feel free to use the keyword phrases provided.

Ready? Let’s browse!

1. What to Wear Tips

Concept:What to wear tips will make up a large part of your blogging calendar. There’s a ton of stuff to write about as you can imagine. You can provide style tips that cover all the different types of clothing, various events people attend, the changing seasons, body shapes and even different age groups.
Keyword phrase: what to wear to a christening
Title suggestion: Style Tips: What to Wear to a Christening
Content suggestion:Christenings tend to be formal events in a church but that doesn’t mean there’s not a wide choice of outfits that can be worn. Share some great clothing ideas covering the style, colour, fabric and accessories of a great christening look. You can also include a ‘what not to wear’ section as well.
Why?: You’ll catch search engine visitors looking for answers to these common questions and problems. More importantly you will position yourself as an expert in readers’ minds.

2. Latest Trends

Concept:Write about the latest style and fashion trends. What colours are popular at the moment? Is the hourglass waist making a comeback? How can women make the most of the pussy-bow blouse currently having a romantic revival? Detail how readers can incorporate parts of the latest trends into their current wardrobe. You can even make a trend prediction for next year.
Keyword phrase: latest fashion trends
Title suggestion: Latest Fashion Trends: The Cropped Flares Making a Winter Comeback 
Content suggestion:Share your thoughts on the anticipated Autumn/Winter trend for cropped flares. Do they need to be confined to the past once and for all or are they just too stylish to avoid? Blog about the style opportunities they present and the pros and cons of wearing them.
Why?: Readers will see you as the go-to girl to get the latest trend news and advice from, and more than likely, a wardrobe makeover as well.

3. Wardrobe Solutions

Concept:What are some of the common style and clothing problems women face? Maybe these include having an all-black outfit range, an overabundance of denim jeans, an aversion to showing a bit of skin or an inability to throw old stuff away. Detail the problems and advise women how to modify or overcome these issues.
Keyword phrase: wardrobe makeover
Title suggestion: 7 Ways to Add More Colour to Your Wardrobe Makeover
Content suggestion:A common problem for your potential clients might be having too many black outfits. Black is a safe option but it’s not very vibrant. Share some tips and ideas on ways women can add more colour to their wardrobe. Cover different occasions and types of outfits together with the colour choices on offer.
Why?: Your advice will get them thinking about the benefits of your wardrobe makeover services and picturing it all in their minds.

4. Top Accessories

Concept:It’s not just clothing you advise women on but also the accessories that go with them. After all, they complete a look. Focus some blog posts on different styles and types of accessories such as handbags, purses, belts, gloves, muffs, jewellery, watches, glasses, umbrellas and even luggage! Showcase your favourites and detail how each will compliment different trends, styles, occasions and outfits.
Keyword phrase: fashion accessories
Title suggestion: Fashion Accessories: Stylish Winter Gloves for the Commute to Work
Content suggestion:Showcase a selection of the best gloves for professional women. The type of gloves they’ll wear on the way to work during the winter months. Talk about the different styles and materials. Touch on how they will compliment stylish coats and this year’s fashionable corporate wear.
Why?: You’ll show prospects that you think of the wider picture and will bring about a total style transformation, from head to toe.

5. Stylish Holiday Must Haves

Concept:What are this summer’s holiday wardrobe essentials? Write a series of blog posts leading up to the main holiday seasons covering the latest must-have styles, garments and accessories to relax in. Focus on different holiday locations most popular with your target audience. Some may head to hot sunny beaches for an entire week whilst others will go for long cruises or culture-exploring city breaks. What styles and outfits best suit each occasion this year?
Keyword phrase: ski fashion
Title suggestion: Hot Ski Fashion: 10 Ways to Melt the Slopes This Winter
Content suggestion:Write a post aimed at female skiing enthusiasts who want to look great on and off the slopes. One part of the post can focus on stylish ski wear and accessories that will add a feminine touch to their bulky outfits whilst the second part can focus on winter lodge fashion for the evenings. Or they can be two separate posts entirely.
Why?: Some potential clients will be looking for help before an upcoming holiday and will be excited by your advice.

6. Fashion Events You Attend

Concept:Have you attended a fashion event recently? Maybe a new clothing store opening? Or a catwalk show? Write about it and tell your readers what you did and saw. Share your thoughts on the event and what you liked and disliked about what was on show. Publish some photos you took and advise people how they can copy certain styles you noticed. You can also preview upcoming events.
Keyword phrase: london fashion week
Title suggestion: 10 Great Styles I Loved at London Fashion Week 2016
Content suggestion:Say you spent a couple of days at a London Fashion Week. Write about the experience and the designers and their work you got to see. Name names and if possible share photos. Describe the styles and outfits you saw and how they can be incorporated into any woman’s wardrobe collection with a little creativity.
Why?: You’ll be seen as a stylist with her finger on the pulse and in touch with the latest trends and fashions. That’s impressive for potential clients.

7. Media Style Commentary

Concept:There’s bound to have been a fashion-related story in a magazine or on the news that caught your attention recently. Blog about it and reveal your thoughts on the subject matter. Maybe it was related to celebrity culture or perhaps a feel-good story about a charity. Think of the media stories you’ve talked about with friends recently and use those as a blog topic guide.
Keyword phrase: (celebrity name)
Title suggestion: What She Wore: Jennifer Aniston’s Chic Black Jumpsuit Ideal for an Elegant Night Out
Content suggestion:Write about the outfit Jennifer Aniston or any celebrity wore on the red carpet recently and detail the various accessories that complimented it. Share your thoughts on whether it was suitable for the occasion and how readers can copy the look for their own evening events. Where are some local stores they can get similar outfits from? What are some alternatives? Who can carry off a look like this?
Why?: By writing about trending events and celebrities you’ll tap into what people are talking about which gives you some good social media sharing potential.

8. Old Clothing Solutions

Concept:What are some great ways women can dispose of their old clothes? Draw up a rough list of the various solutions and then devote a blog post to each one. You can then point to local and regional places where clothes can be taken, online websites where clothes can be sold, or even creative reusable alternatives for those with artistic fingers.
Keyword phrase: selling clothes online
Title suggestion: Comprehensive Guide to Selling Your Unwanted Clothes Online
Content suggestion:Write an ‘epic’ (extra long) blog post teaching women how best to sell their unwanted clothes online. Showcase some of the websites they can use and how they work. Go through step-by-step how they create a product description and what details they should include and the price ranges they should think about.
Why?: An evergreen post like this, which can be modified over time, can become a cornerstone article on your website which will attract women seeking a clear out and a maybe whole new wardrobe.

9. Low Cost Style

Concept:Devote a series of blog posts covering great ways to style yourself with a small budget. Talk about how small additions to a wardrobe collection can make a big difference. You can also mention places in your region women can check for good quality but not too expensive clothing. Set a reasonably low budget in each post and match it with great outfit suggestions.
Keyword phrase: clothes shopping
Title suggestion: Low Budget Clothes Shopping Tips for a Stylish Autumn Wardrobe
Content suggestion:Advise women on some tips and tricks they can employ when shopping for new autumn wear on a small budget. Detail which materials tend to be cheaper than others yet are just as attractive and warm. What are some great accessories people can use to completely transform old clothing? Write about some good bargains you’ve seen recently in your region and where.
Why?: You’ll show prospects they can still create a great wardrobe without breaking the bank. When it comes to making purchases, they’ll want you with them to make sure they’re making the right choices.

10. Interviews with Related Professionals

Concept:As a personal fashion stylist and shopper you might sometimes liaise or connect with professionals in related fields to yours. Ask them for a relaxed Q&A session with you where you discuss style, clothing, life and careers. Work the questions so the answers interest and benefit readers in some way.

Related professionals can include makeup artists, hair stylists, manicurists, event organisers, wedding planners, fashion designers, jewellery designers, magazine editors, fashion photographers, life coaches, matchmakers, weight loss coaches, personal fitness coaches and even other fashion stylists outside your target region.
Keyword phrase: how to pose for photos
Title suggestion: Tips on How Best to Pose for Photos from Fashion Photographer Craig Smith
Content suggestion:Meet up with a professional fashion photographer you know and record an interview with him. You can do this on video, via podcast or through an email exchange. Ask questions on the best ways for women to look great in photos, especially in their new clothes. How should they pose for the camera? What lighting is best for different material colours and face types? Are backdrops important? Also touch on his career, his life and even his own fashion tips.
Why?: People love reading Q&As. They’re highly shareable on social media and are also a great way to connect with fellow professionals who may bring you work in the future.

11. Client Stories

Concept:Remember a recent client you clicked with in a special way? Your personalities matched and you had a great time shopping and selecting outfits for her. She loved the results. Ask her for a relaxed Q&A as well. Treat it like a chat over coffee but also direct the questions so some of the answers will reveal tips, advice and insights beneficial to readers.
Keyword phrase: clothes shopping in (location)
Title suggestion: Style Chat #5: Clothes Shopping in Leeds for a New Winter Wardrobe
Content suggestion:Begin by asking your previous happy client a little about themselves, especially the position they found themselves in prior to hiring your personal shopping services. Steer the conversation through the various stages you both went through, from the initial consultation to the final shopping trip. Finish by getting her to open up about the benefits your shopping day brought to her life.
Why?: Prospects will get a positive insight into what a day with you will look like. Mentioning a location will also attract regional clients searching via Google.

12. Self-Care Tips

Concept:A huge part of looking fabulous in a new outfit is mind set. A confident woman in love with her curves can own a room whatever she wears. Even the best outfit won’t really help someone with low self-esteem. Provide a series of detailed tips and advice on self-care such as good nutrition, exercise, confidence building and working towards inner happiness.
Keyword phrase: mindfulness meditation
Title suggestion: How Mindfulness Meditation Eased My Social Anxiety When Attending Fashion Events
Content suggestion:Write a blog post or a series of blog posts detailing how you overcame or eased certain fears and anxieties using meditation and mindfulness. Relate things to your career as a personal stylist or editorial fashion stylist. Detail how uncomfortable it once was to mingle with new editors and clients. Cover how you started meditating and the process you took that will benefit other women as well.
Why?: You’ll connect with people on a more personal level. People will trust you and remember you. A fashion stylist who understands the psychology behind looking and feeling good is worth her (or his) weight in gold.

13. Personal Stories, Memories and Anecdotes

Concept:Share your personal story with readers. Open up and reveal the steps you’ve taken to be the woman (or man) you are today. It might feel scary and intimidating at first but there’s no better way to gain new clients than to be a real person with emotions, stories, relatable mistakes, special memories and amusing anecdotes.
Keyword phrase: interview clothes
Title suggestion: Did My First Job Interview Clothes Really Lose Me the Job? 
Content suggestion:An intriguing title which is an introduction to your embarrassing first job interview outfit you wore. What did it look like and why do you think it made a bad impression? If you could go back today and redress your younger self, what changes would you make? Share a photo if you have one. Write about the importance of making a good first impression in the professional world.
Why?: Like with the previous idea suggestion, being open about your life will endear people to you. You also get the chance to attract visitors looking for particular style tips relating to important events and occasions.

14. Gift Ideas

Concept:What fashion related gifts can people buy for their loved ones? Sometimes the main problem people face when shopping is not getting something for themselves but for other people. Detail different styles people have and the various clothing or accessory gifts you can get them based on their lifestyles, careers, interests, ages and body types.
Keyword phrase: boho-chic
Title suggestion: Boho-Chic Jewellery Ideas for the Elegant Bohemian Woman
Content suggestion:Showcase some jewellery and related accessories that go well with popular Boho-chic looks. What have some celebrity haute hippies being wearing with their bohemian outfits? You can write about the development and evolution of this particular style whilst showcasing some necklaces, earrings or hair decorations which will make great gifts.
Why?: When they view your expertise they might just give their relative or friend the gift of a style makeover from you instead.

I bet you’re raring to get down to blogging now!

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