How to Master French Style With One Pretty Basic

When you think about French style icons, Brigitte Bardot is always at the top of that list. With her waist-cinching bustiers and bikinis along the shores of Cannes, she’s known for her bombshell style—she’s practically the poster child. But the fashion icon’s wardrobe was also filled with another, more demure style that also happens to be a French style staple: the blush cardigan.

What’s interesting is that Bardot manages to pull off the cardigan in a way that looks effortless, cool, and stylish—all of the things we think of when it comes to French-girl style. And you can still see the influence of Bardot’s style today. Just look to French It-girl Jeanne Damas who designed a similar cardigan for her fashion label, Rouje. While hers is red, it stems from the same idea of taking a closet basic and styling it in a way that feels cool.

Keep reading to see how Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Damas are wearing their cardigans, then shop our favorite styles.